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A 6-week short film series & Guide to Filmmaking


About Project Volare

  • Watch the Episodes
    One episode will be released each week for six weeks.
  • Learn Filmmaking Skills
    Inside Project Volare videos provide tips in directing, writing, sound & acting.
  • Interact with the Filmmakers
    Ask us your questions about the art of filmmaking.

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Season One

Ep 101 - First Call
2:37 Mins


Ep 102 - Bullet Or The Train
Unlocks Nov 20 | 5:51 Mins


Ep 103 - Going Back
Unlocks Nov 27 | 3:13 Mins


Ep 104 - I Know
Unlocks Dec 4 | 2:06 Mins

Ep 105 - Alex?
Unlocks Dec 11 | 5:29 Mins

Ep 106 - Last Call
Unlocks Dec 18 | 2:34 Mins


Inside Project Volare

Mentally Preparing To Direct
When it’s time to perform it’s too late to prepare. A director’s preparation will be evident on set, and on the screen. Learn how mental preparation will improve the quality of your film.

8:41 Mins

iv_Navigating Location Audio_LOCKED.png

Navigating Location Audio
How do you capture the best audio for your film? Learn to anticipate audio for scenes using effective booming techniques.

Unlocks Dec 6 | 18:56 Mins


Post Sound: The Other 50%
Capturing sound is half the Sound Engineer’s battle. What’s the other half? How sound fx and quality mixing will enhance your film.

Unlocks Nov 22 | 13:23 Mins

Writing Dialogue With Layers
We think story should have replay value. Writing dialogue with layers will help your audience enjoy your film more than once.

Unlocks Dec 13 | 8:34 Mins

iv_Directing With a vision_LOCKED.png

Directing With a Vision
Great directors have their own distinct style and presentation in their films. A clear vision for your project will give it your stamp and provide cohesion.

Unlocks Nov 29 | 14:47 Mins

Acting Tips From The Cast Of Season 1
Acting has rules and techniques the talent must understand and use. Hear from the actors about their approach to the art and craft of acting.

Unlocks Dec 20 | 19:00 Mins



Season 1 Poster
View the season one poster for Project Volare


Equipment Breakdown_Locked.png

Equipment Breakdown
Jonah Guelzo breaks down some commonly used gear on set.

Unlocks Dec 14 | 22:55 Mins

Adobe Premiere Project Files
Download the entire files for episodes 1 and 2.

Unlocks Nov 23

Extras_Music Commentary_LOCKED.png

Music Commentary
Daniel Ciurlizza talks about the creation of the soundtrack.

Unlocks Dec 21


Season One Soundtrack
Listen to the season one score by composer Daniel Ciurlizza.

Unlocks Nov 30


Season One Script
Read the original script for season one of Project Volare.

Unlocks Dec 22

Set Production Photos_Locked.png

Set Production Photos
View some production photos from the set of Project Volare Season one.

Unlocks Dec 7


Audio Commentary
Joel and Jonah Guelzo talk story and how Project Volare came to be.

Unlocks Dec 22



Joel Guelzo

Co-Creator of Project Volare.
Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor


Jonah Guelzo

Co-Creator of Project Volare.
Sound Designer, Mixer


Daniel Ciurlizza

Film Composer



Jonathan Kafoure

Actor, Writer



Adam Miller

Visual Effects Artist


Martin Scaglia

Foley Supervisor


Sam Hanson

Visual Effects Artist


Benjamin manley

Designer, Production Assistant


Dave Lee

3D Artist, Photographer, Grip



Lindsley Register


Alexander Mcpherson

Cody Carwile

Christie Osterhus


Stephen Birge


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this project?

Project Volare is about investing in upcoming filmmakers. It is important to read books and hear instructions, but we also need to see the practical applications of technique. That is why we are doing this Project. Visual learning is one of the best ways to learn, especially in filmmaking.

Will there be more episodes?

Do you want more? We hope so. If these first 6 episodes are well received, we will create a “second season”. An all new story, all new short, and new videos with tips and advice on how to make your films great.



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